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Native Voices Rising 2023 Grant Period is Closed!

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Native Voices Rising announces $3.5 million in grants to 114 Indigenous and Native-led advocacy and organizing groups. Since 2013, NVR has granted a total of $9 million in general operating support to Native-led grassroots and advocacy efforts that empower American Indian, Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian communities.

A Case for Funding Native-led Change

Opportunities are opening up as the result of improving economic standards, higher levels of educational attainment, and better health outcomes in certain regions; however, many of the challenges that have long faced our population still persist. For every major challenge and issue, there are also efforts to make positive changes.

2022 Grant Partners

To date, Native Voices Rising has supported over 140 dynamic organizations that are engaged in a wide range of activities to build community leadership and improve the well-being of Native communities. The following grant partner profiles provide a snapshot of several grant partner organizations and the impact that they are having.
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