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A project of Common Counsel Foundation and Native Americans in Philanthropy

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Native Voices Rising was launched in 2013 with a research report, “Native Voices Rising: A Case For Funding Native-Led Change” and provides recommendations for funders interested in providing support to Native-led organizations.

Researchers identified 146 non-profit social change organizations led by Native people and benefitted Native communities. Of the 146 organizations identified, 49 groups participated with in-depth NVR surveys. Data and conclusions were drawn from the responses to the survey questions.

The report provides a set of case studies highlighting the diversity of strategies and issues that Native groups are utilizing to have positive impact in their communities — these include promoting laws to provide greater environmental protections; gaining management control over food resources; ensuring racial equity in government programs; extending broadband into rural communities; and guaranteeing full access to the vote.

In addition, the researchers named five issue areas in which Native community groups are particularly active:

  1. Environmental justice;
  2. Subsistence in Alaska;
  3. Native engagement in the urban context;
  4. Media, and
  5. Voter engagement.