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A project of Common Counsel Foundation and Native Americans in Philanthropy

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Celebrating 10 Years of Native Voices Rising: A Decade of Native-Led Change

Join us as we celebrate a decade of transformation and empowerment within Indigenous communities with the Native Voices Rising 10th Year Impact Report. As we reflect upon the remarkable journey that has unfolded over the past ten years, we acknowledge the progress and growth that Native Voices Rising (NVR) has witnessed and catalyzed.

The Native Voices Rising (NVR) program has played a pivotal role in supporting Native-led change efforts, and as we look back on the last ten years, we recognize the profound progress made and the challenges that still lie ahead. 

In 2013, our journey began with a recognition of the immense hurdles faced by Native American organizations, compounded by a scarcity of support from philanthropic institutions. This follow-up report is a testament to our enduring commitment to Native power-building and visibility, showcasing the impact of NVR and the voices of those who have experienced its transformative influence. 

Published in June 2023, this report invites you to explore our participatory grantmaking model rooted in trust, reciprocity, and partnership with Native communities. We encourage you to delve into the recommendations that offer a path for philanthropy to strengthen relationships with Native organizations and actively support Native-led change. Together, we can continue to amplify Indigenous voices and drive meaningful impact for years to come.

Original 2013 Native Voices Rising Report: A Case for Native-led Change

Native Voices Rising was launched in 2013 with a research report, “Native Voices Rising: A Case For Funding Native-Led Change” and provides recommendations for funders interested in providing support to Native-led organizations.